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Pro Tools Overview

Pro Tools is an amateur-to-professional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) used to record, edit, and play back audio (and video in some cases). The software was originally created and distributed by Digidesign. For quite some time now, Avid has owned Digidesign, M-Audio—another audio production company—,Sibelius, and a slew of other professional audio and video companies. Each individual site has been re-branded with the new and improved Avid logo and all of the brands have been combined under them. If you have checked out their sites in the past, but haven't recently, I recommend doing so. The layout and interface, at least for the Digidesign portion, is much easier than it used to be in the past.
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Now that you have a little background on Pro Tools and a general overview of it's parent company and their subsidiaries, let's move on to the real reason you are here: Pro Tools!

In Pro Tools there are some very basic concepts you must know before creating that pristine and shiny, radio-ready, platinum selling album. The first thing is: It's just software. That means that unless you already have some audio recorded on the computer, you need some way to get your golden hit onto the computer for the software to recognize the genius you have created. But, before we get to that, the software side of the subject should be covered—via the tabbs up top—before the hardware is discussed. Reason: If you don't know how to navigate the software, knowing about and having hardware will do you no good. Pro Tools software, in and of itself, can take years to master and become proficient in, but here at you will at least know enough about the software to begin a small session and start the wondrous journey of the Pro Tools world.

Now, you are ready to peruse the site and learn about the basic principles of Pro Tools. I hope you enjoy the space here. I designed it with loving care, with you in mind. ;)


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